Master of Arts in Second Language Acquisition

What is Second Language Acquisition (SLA)?

  • It is a study of theories and methods of language teaching, learning and assessment
  • It provides us an understanding of how children and adults learn a second language
  • It helps us design and plan curricula for teaching, learning and assessment in educational contexts
  • It motivates us to conduct small-scale experimental research and large-scale longitudinal research
  • It is a critical area of theory and practice in the field of applied linguistics


Main Features

  • Provides high quality professional development in Teaching Chinese, Portuguese or English as a second language
  • Courses will combine teaching, learning and assessment theory with practice
  • Teaching Qualification Option for teachers in Macau secondary schools
  • 3 semesters of taught courses and an academic or applied thesis


Why study at University of Macau?

  • A world-class team of academic staff
  • State-of-the-art teaching and research facilities
  • Excellent networking with Macau and international communities
  • Great programme to advance careers in Macau and beyond


Career Prospects

  • Teaching Chinese, Portuguese or English as a Second Language
    • In regional secondary schools, colleges and universities
    • Overseas schools, colleges or universities
  • Advanced career prospects for Macau teachers in schools, educational institutions and government.
  • Further studies in Ph.D. programmes to conduct research in applied linguistics.
  • Working in the areas of linguistics, language assessment and research methods.
  • Other related areas include writing and publishing educational materials, delivering online education and educational administration.