Independent Learning

Last updated:12 May 2016

Thanks to the full support of the University Administration, ICTO, and the Library, the English Language Centre (ELC) is pleased to open its independent learning facilities to all faculty, staff, and students to promote General Education in English and to encourage the concepts of lifelong learning in English. The ELC’s independent learning facilities include the following:


Independent Learning UMMoodle course

An Independent Learning UMMoodle course, which provides English language learning resources, including speaking, listening, reading, vocabulary, and many other fun games and activities that can be accessed at all times. This Independent Learning site is offered to all members of UM as lifelong learning experience by default.

Remarks: Students, faculty and staff will need their PC LAN user ID and password to login.


Academic Dishonesty: The Adventures of Yuki, Bruce, and Ray

This part of the ELC website is here to help you understand the rules of the University about academic dishonesty. As you watch the videos on this website, you’ll learn about the rules by watching Yuki, Bruce, and Ray.

If you would like to read all the University rules yourself, you can click the link below to download the pdf. The document is written in Chinese and English.