FAH/PHIL Symposium – “Singapore-Hong Kong-Macau Symposium on Chinese Philosophy 2017”


21 - 22 Apr 2017


09:00 - 17:45




Friday, April 21


Session 1 (Chair: Hans-Georg Moeller, UM)

9.00-9.35 Wong Kwok-kui, Associate Professor, HKBU: Schelling’s Image of China

9.35-10.10 Eric Nelson, Associate Professor, HKUST: Leibniz and the Political -Theological Interpretation of China

10.10-10.45 Lauren Pfister, Professor, HKBU: Feng Youlan (1895-1990) as China’s Gadamer: Reflections on the Failure of Feng’s Political Philosophy from 1950 to 1978


10.45-11.00 Coffee Break


Session 2 (Chair: Chen Weigang, UM)

11.00-11.35 Gregory Moss, Assistant Professor, CUHK: The Problem of Illusion in Nishitani’s Reception of Dogen and Ju-Ching

11.35-12.10 Hans-Georg Moeller, Professor, UM: On the Philosophical Function and Significance of Humor in the Zhuangzi


12.10-14.00 Lunch Break (Old Macau Restaurant)


Session 3 (Chair: Jia Jinhua, UM)

14.00-14.35 Dennis Schilling, Professor, Renmin University Beijing: Substances of Life: Biological Knowledge and Social Organization in Ancient China

14.35-15.10 Scott Cook, Professor, Yale-NUS: Two More Views of Confucius in the Shanghai Museum Manuscripts: “Zigao” 子羔 and “Lubang da han” 魯邦大旱

15.10-15.45 William Sin, Assistant Professor, EUHK: Wu Song’s Killing of his Sister-in-law: An Ethical Analysis


15.45-16.00 Coffee Break


Session 4 (Chair: Mario Wenning, UM)

16.00-16.35 Joseph Chan, Professor, HKU: Democratic Equality or Confucian Hierarchy?

16.35-17.10 Baldwin Wong, Lecturer, CUHK: Classics-reading, Core Curriculum and Political Perfectionism

17.10-17.45 Huang Yong, Professor, CUHK: Belief, Desire, and Besire: A New Interpretation of Wang Yangming’s Liangzhi


18.00 Conference Dinner (Fortune Inn Restaurant)



Saturday, April 22


Session 5: (Chair: Franklin Perkins, NTU, U Hawaii)

09.00-09.35 Kwan Ho Chuen, PhD stud., CUHK: On “Stupidity” in Zhuangzi

09.35-10.10 Jacob Bender, Grad student, NTU: A Defense of Irony: An Ethics of Interdependence in the Zhuangzi

10.10-10.45 Nicolas Le Jeune, UM (co-written with Lili Zhang, PhD student, NTU): Zhuangzi and the Sage as a Queer


10.45-11.00 Coffee Break


Session 6 (Chair: Victoria Harrison, UM)

11.00-11.35 Franklin Perkins, Professor, NTU, U Hawaii: Are there moral values in Classical Chinese Philosophy?

11.35-12.10 Steven Burik, Assistant Professor, Singapore Management University: Darkness


12.10-14.00 Lunch Break (Old Macau Restaurant)



Session 7 (Chair: Nevia Dolcini, UM)

14.00-14.35 JeeLoo Liu, Professor, Cal State University, Fullerton, USA Can Confucian Value Realism Desist Sharon Street’s Darwinian Challenge?

14.35-15.10 Orlando Ho, Lecturer, EUHK: How did Mencius establish his logical argumentation for innate human goodness via ‘The Four Sprouts’?

15.10-15.30 Coffee Break


Session 8 (Chair: Huang Yong, CUHK)

15.30-16.05 Leo K.C. Cheung, Professor, CUHK: A Zhuangzi-ian world or an Irenaean world?

16.05-16.35 Koon-kau Ying, Assistant Professor, Caritas Institute of Higher Education Hong Kong: Zhuangzi’s Philosophy of Language: Body-Mind-Spirit Perspective

16.35-17.05 Roundtable Discussion: Wrap-up and future activities


All are welcome




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